What Do Cars and Furnaces Have in Common?


We understand the benefits of keeping our cars well maintained with frequent washing, oil changes, and tune-ups. We know these services will keep our cars looking newer, running smoothly, and catch problems before they become costly breakdowns. What is true for our cars is also true for our home’s heating system (furnace).

Furnace Tune-ups Keep Your Furnace Running At Peak Efficiency Helps Ensure Safety, and Lowers Your Heating Costs!

In fact the EPA, manufacturers, and industry professionals recommend yearly maintenance for your heating system. They recommend annual furnace tune-ups because they know that proper maintenance will promote longer life of your furnace, decrease the likelihood of costly repairs, ensure your system is operating safely, and increase your efficiency. Ultimately extending the life of your furnace and saving on your heating costs!

JM Mechanical offers an extensive furnace service to keep your furnace running at peak efficiency. Our Furnace Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning will include:

  • Thermostat Test– We’ll test and calibrate your thermostat to call for the correct amount of heating from your furnace. This will help improve your comfort, and protect your equipment.
  • Inspect/clean furnace heat exchanger – To insure proper fuel combustion and heat transfer, your heat exchanger will be cleaned and visibly inspected for holes or cracks. Holes or cracks are dangerous due to the possibility of combustion gas and carbon monoxide entering your home. A thorough cleaning and inspection will help protect your family from the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
  • Clean/replace air filters – Dirty filters prevent air flow through your system making your furnace work harder. Cleaning and replacing your filters will improve air flow which will increase your efficiency, comfort, and keep your system running longer.
  • Tighten all wire connections – Making sure all your electrical connections to and from your furnace are secure will help ensure your system runs safely, and helps protect your system from early failure.
  • Inspect for fire hazards – Combustible material that is too close to your furnace can create a fire hazard.
  • Inspect chimney/flu –A thorough inspection of your flu or chimney will help insure they are free of obstruction, properly supported, drafts properly and are free of corrosion.
  • Check furnace blower motor/wheel – Some motors and bearings require semi-annual lubrication & cleaning to reduce friction and wear. This service will help increase your efficiency and help keep your system running longer.
  • Lubricate all moving parts – Poor lubrication reduces efficiency of your furnace. Proper lubrication will help protect the life of your equipment and improve your efficiency.
  • Polish and wash exterior of furnace – Helps improve the appearance of your equipment and extends the life of your equipment.

If you need a furnace repair, furnace replacement, or plumbing services JM Mechanical can take care of those needs too. JM Mechanical also offers Planned Maintenance Agreements for your furnace and air conditioning that offers additional savings and benefits!