Heat Pump Repair and Replacement Services

Heat pumps are a unique kind of heating system. Similar to your refrigerator, heat pumps use electricity to move heat from a cool space into a warm. Heat pumps work extremely efficiently, because they simply transfer heat, rather than burn fuel to create it.

In moderate climates, Heat pumps can do the work of both a furnace and an air conditioning system. In colder climates like Northern Utah and South Eastern Idaho, a heat pump should be used in conjunction with a natural gas furnace to maximize energy savings. This will allow you to respond to changes in utility costs by switching between gas and electric heat. During the summer months heat pumps help dehumidify the air, using less energy, and providing more comfort.

Although the initial investment of a heat pump system can be a bit higher than a traditional heating system, it is important to consider the potential energy savings over the life span of the equipment. That’s why it is especially important to work with the experts when choosing a heat pump system. JM Mechanical has the experience and training to help you compare your options, and design the best heat pump system that will work most efficiently and effectively for your home and your heating and cooling needs.