Air Conditioner Replacement and Installation in Logan, UT

Your home is more than likely the biggest investment you are going to make in your lifetime. The Air Conditioning System you choose will impact your comfort and your cooling costs for many years to come. At JM Mechanical we understand that your family’s comfort is a big concern, and so is the cost to keep them comfortable. Whether you need a new Air Conditioning System, an Air Conditioner Repair, or Air Conditioning Tune-Ups we’ll be there to take care of your needs!

When It’s Time to Purchase a New Air Conditioning System, There Are Many Factors to Consider:

  • The air conditioning system you choose today will impact the comfort, safety, and your cooling costs for many years to come. Consider more than just the cost of purchasing the air conditioner. Consider the cost to maintain the system and your cooling costs over the life of the system.
  • Before jumping into an air conditioner with the lowest advertised price, make sure that the system you are considering is sized correctly for your home. An incorrectly (over or under) sized air conditioning system will cost more to run, and cause more wear and tear on the equipment, leading to early equipment failure. Which means you’ll be replacing your system with a new air conditioning system sooner than you need to.
  • The quality of the installation of your air conditioning system will have a huge impact on the longevity of your air conditioner and on your long term cooling costs. In fact, it can be far more important than the model or brand of air conditioning equipment.

When it Comes to Replacing or Adding on Air Conditioning JM Mechanical is the Company You Can Trust. Here’s why…

  • JM Mechanical is a fully licensed and insured heating, air conditioning, and plumbing company with 1000’s of satisfied customers. In fact, we’ve been taking care of Northern Utah and South Eastern Idaho homeowners’ air conditioning needs since 1985!
  • JM Mechanical technicians are fully trained in all aspects of heating and air conditioning as well as customer service. They are clean cut, well mannered, and certified drug free!
  • JM Mechanical will take the time necessary to ensure your Air Conditioner will be sized correctly for your home, and your families cooling needs.
  • To maximize comfort and savings on your cooling costs, your air conditioning system will be installed correctly. This will also help minimize the wear and tear on your air conditioner and maximize energy savings and keep your cooling costs down.
  • JM Mechanical will guarantee that your air conditioning system will meet all manufacturer requirements.
  • Air Conditioners installed by JM Mechanical are backed by full manufacturer warranties and our exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!